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Socially awkward fail: So one day I was walking around, just chilling with my friends when I see this guy reading a book. He was new there but the book was a book I read and LOVED. So naturally I approach this boy hoping to make a new friend and bond over the series. Being the socially awkward fail I am I planned out ahead of time what I’d say: “Hey, we’ve <my>friends and I] wanted to come over to say hi cause I say you were reading a book I liked and I hope we can talk more in the future.” But no. Once we got to him I panicked and just had to blurt out “We’ve come to hello you.” and I think my voice cracked and I almost started to cry. Never gonna talk to them again. More stories here <a href=https://clck.ru/3ALGc2>https://clck.ru/3ALGc5</a>
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