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Of his works, he is especially famous
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STOPPING You could face criminal charges if your car is involved in an accident and you do not stop.

Call the police if anyone is wounded, if the total damage to all the vehicles involved appears to be more than $2,000, or you suspect that any of the other drivers involved are guilty of a Criminal Code infraction (such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) (such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol). The emergency operator will give you instructions to follow. The cops will be there as quickly as possible. You should not attempt to transfer anyone who has been hurt in the accident since you may aggravate their injuries.

If no one is hurt and the total damage to all of the vehicles is less than $2,000, contact a Collision Reporting Center within 24 hours. The police established these facilities to help motorists in reporting car accidents. You will fill out a police report and have the damage to your vehicle photographed at the reporting center. Find the Collision Reporting Centre closest to you, or call (416) 745-3301.

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Of his works, he is especially famous
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