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Good day,

Do you know anyone from UK The reason I am asking is there is a terrible London
I simply want to check the real weather in London

I am not sure how that kind of weather is possible in the real life. Is +45C possible in UK

have a look at the London... is it really? -35C!!?

<a href=https://meteoguru.uk/weather-14-days/london/ >weather in London 14 days</a>
<a href=https://meteoguru.uk/weather-14-days/london/>weather in London 14 days</a>
<a href=https://prostopogoda.ru/informers/ >informer</a><a href=https://april-2023.meteoguru.uk/ >April</a> <a href=https://march-2023.meteoguru.uk/ >weather in March</a>
<a href=https://prostopogoda.ru/informers/>informer</a>

see also:
<a href=https://november-2022.meteoguru.uk/ >weather in November</a> <a href=https://december-2022.meteoguru.uk/ >weather in December</a> <a href=https://february-2023.meteoguru.uk/ >weather in February</a> <a href=https://aprel.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >April</a> <a href=https://iun.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >June</a> <a href=https://iul.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >July</a>
<a href=https://yanvar.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >January</a> <a href=https://fevral.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >February</a> <a href=https://mart.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >March</a> <a href=https://may.u-zonta.ru/pogoda-moscow-24901/2023/ >May</a>
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